Extend Disk partition with Diskpart

Extend Disk partition with Diskpart

Diskpart as the disk management tool of Windows, can help you manage your disks in a good state. You can use it to extend an existing volume/partition by following the next steps.

Step1. Open the command-line window by clicking Start, typing: cmd, or you can press “WIN+R” and type “cmd”. In the command prompt, type:diskpart, press Enter.

Then, it will run Diskpart session.

Step2. At the Diskpart prompt, type: list disk.

Then, all disks will be list at the prompt.

Step3.Then, type:select disk n

n means disk number. Here, you choose the disk which has the partition you want to extend.

Step4. Type: list partition

The partition(s) on the selected disk will be listed.

Step5.Then, you can select the partition which you want to extend. Type: select partition n

n is the partition number you want to extend. Please make sure there is unallocated space behind the partition you want to extend.

Step6. Type: extend size=n

n is the size in MB you want to add the partition.

Then, it will remind you that Diskpart successfully extended the volume. Here is a screen shot of the details.

When you’re finished, type exit to end up this progress.


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